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Meet Stephen

Stephen Chilton III has years of unique and valuable introspect when it comes to his Northern New York community. He understands the intricacies that truly make our district stand out. Born and raised in Ellenburg, Stephen knows the importance of the farmer to our growing society. His grandfather owned a successful dairy farm and several of his peers make a living from farming today. He believes the backbone of society has and always will be with the farmers. As a young man, Stephen pursued a career in the Correctional system. In his two years on the job he grew to understand the hardships our Correctional Officers endure. He gained an unparalleled respect for these men and women who consistently give their all to their careers. He knows the local economy is impacted greatly by the large demographic of workers inside our upstate prisons and will continue to give his unrelenting support. One of his most rewarding prospects was his employment at Clinton County Advocacy and Resource Center. During his time there, Stephen worked first hand with individuals who have developmental or intellectual disabilities. Stephen has an Uncle who resides in a residential care facility, so this job was especially important to him. He also knows how often the men and women who live in these homes are overlooked and hopes to allocate more funding to these much needed facilities. ARC services are very important to many families in our community and Stephen will make sure to maintain its importance. The most pivotal force in his campaign can be credited to his employment at UPS, however. Stephen has dedicated twenty years to this occupation, holding many different positions inside and outside of the building. When he became a driver he started out as a cover driver, which allowed him to be in different parts of the community, interacting with many walks of life. Over twenty years you can imagine how many community members have received their deliveries from Stephen. The discord that occurs between a politician and an average citizen is rare in these trying times. Stephen has been interacting with thousands of local residents every single day for two decades. He knows about people and has and always will prioritize their needs. He takes pride in serving his community and he will continue to do so with your support. Stephen wants to make our region not only a better place for today, but a better place for tomorrow as well. With a child of his own, and three step children, he hopes to create a region that will be fruitful for years to come. Our friends and neighbors deserve a community that they are proud to call home. We have a strong locality with so much to offer to our fellow district members. With a little persistence and a public official who works for you, our community will thrive as one cohesive unit.


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Stephen Chilton III For NYS Assembly
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